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Stickers graphics for offroad motorcycle | made by Blackbird Racing Italy

Beta Dream 4 offroad sticker kit
Beta Dream 4

Beta Rockstar Energy Drink offroad sticker kit
Beta Rockstar

Honda Dream 4 offroad sticker kit
Honda Dream 4

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Blackbird Racing stickers are made of vinyl with top quality colours.
They are very thin and perfectly adhesive.
These graphic kits are made using very good materials.
We use a very performing raw material, named Crystall, 0.5 mm thick laminated with a very strong self adhesive that keeps its excellent qualities for a long time.
These off road sticker packs are screen printed using very resistant and brilliant inks.
They can be varnished (clear coated).

These stickers are resistant to sun, atmospheric agents and accidental scratches.
They are not petrol resistant.

1. Always work with clean hands.
2. Apply stickers in warm conditions.
3. To ensure maximum adhesion do not ride your bike for at least 48 hours after applying the stickers.
4. When cleaning your bike avoid aiming water directly at the stickers edge.

1. Remove all existing stickers from the bike.
2. Clean thoroughly with warm water and soap.
3. Rinse using a clean cloth.
4. Remove all traces of grease with solvent cleaner and let it dry.
5. Stickers should be applied at no less then 15°C temperature. You can get better results also by blowing warm air onto the stickers while applying them.
6. For correct positioning, line up the stickers and fix them into position using tape.
Fit carefully them around the holes, starting from the centre and working outwards.
7. Remove adhesive backing slowly, one small area at a time, starting at the bottom of the sticker. Stick firmly to the plastic.
8. Remove your fixing tape and adhesive backing, rubbing down the remaining area of the sticker.

Aprilia Dream 3
Beta Dream 4
Beta Rockstar Energy Drink
Beta Trial Traction
Gas Gas Dream 4
Gas Gas Trial Traction
HM Dream 4
HM Rockstar Energy Drink
HM Linear
Honda Dream 4
Honda Rockstar Energy Drink
Honda Super White
Honda Linear
Husaberg Dream 4
Husqvarna Dream 4
Husqvarna Rockstar Energy Drink
Kawasaki Dream 4
Kawasaki Rockstar Energy Drink
KTM Dream 4
KTM Rockstar Energy Drink
KTM Stealth
Montesa Trial Traction
Ossa Trial Traction
Sherco Rockstar Energy Drink
Sherco Trial Traction
Suzuki Dream 4
Suzuki Rockstar Energy Drink
TM Dream 4
TRS Trial Traction
Yamaha Dream 4
Yamaha Rockstar Energy Drink

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