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Carburetors (carburetion, carbs, carburettors) jet kits for motorbikes (made by Dynojet - USA)

Dynojet carburetor kits
Dynojet kits

Dynojet carburetor kits
Dynojet kits

Dynojet carburetor kit
Dynojet kit

Dynojet carburetor kits increase your engine's power and acceleration.

The difference in performance is due to the patented Dynojet fuel needle, which thanks to its sharper shape and provision for adjustment generates better fuel flow to the engine.
The first thing you'll notice after installing a Dynojet kit is that your engine revs up must faster than before.

Kits contain graduated fuel needles, different series of jets, washers, cotter pins, springs and drill bits for cases where the hole on the slide assembly must be enlarged.
Depending on the needs served by each kit, fuel needles may be aluminium, titanium or steel.
Clear instructions (Italian and English) are included in all packing for easy setting.

Dynojet carburetor kits are available in 3 different stages.

Stage 1
Stage 1 is used with the stock engine and stock air-box.
Designed with different calibrations (all included in the kit) for stock air filters, K&N / Sprint Filter air filters, stock pipe, stock manifolds with racing mufflers or complete racing exhaust system.
Power increase is approximately 5%.

Stage 2
Stage 2 is intended for motorcycles with a stock or mildly tuned engine using a well designed aftermarket pipe with a modified airbox and K&N / Sprint Filter air filter.
Stage 2 kits are designed for applications where individual filters cannot be installed and for applications where airbox modification improves the engine’s performance.
In most cases power increases of approximately 8% can be achieved.

Stage 3
Stage 3 is intended for motorcycles with stock or mildly tuned engines using a well designed aftermarket pipe and K&N / Sprint Filter individual air filters.
In most cases power increases of 10-15% can be achieved.
However driveability may be compromised particularly with short stroke, high rpm motors.
On some modern engine and airbox designs, individual filters and proper jetting offer no performance improvement yet compromise driveability, in such cases stage 3 kits are not available.

For higher efficiency, we recommend that Dynojet carburettor kits be installed with the associated K&N / Sprint Filter air filters.

Always check the enclosed parts list if you have doubts concerning the components contained in your Dynojet jet kit.

Carry out operations exactly as described in the instructions: failure to do so is almost certain to affect performance adversely.
Don't worry if the main jet size called for in the instructions seems wrong: always install the specified size. 
Note that the Dynojet instructions use the terms "non-original pipe " or "aftermarket or slip-on with high flowing baffle" to designate the exhaust pipe complete with manifolds.
If you have replaced only the muffler, adjust jetting as if the stock muffler were still installed.
Adjust the air screw to idling, following the instructions schedule contained in the kit.

If you have a CO meter, remember to adjust the air screw, so to have a CO value between 3 and 5.

For more info and applications, look up:
- Dynojet ECU
- Dynojet main jets

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