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Grips for motorcycle | made by Domino Italy

A450 road racing grips | Domino
Road Racing

A360 offroad grips | Domino

A240 trial grips | Domino

Domino motorcycle grips have got a perfect and greatest hold.
They are the best motorcycle grips.

- they damp vibrations
- oils and petrol resistant
- do not dirty and spoil gloves
- do not absorb water
- do not crack by sunrays
- the right (throttle) grip has a bigger internal diameter than the left one.

Fitting | How to replace motorcycle grips
For an easy fitting of the Domino grips, after you have removed the old ones, we advise to carefully clean the handlebar removing grease and glue traces by alcohol.
After that, wet well the handlebar and inner part of the Domino handle grip with alcohol,
Then quickly slip the grip on the handlebar.
Wait for 2 / 3 hours before riding the bike, so to let exceeding alcohol perfectly evaporate.

Couple of black grip coverings | Domino

Couple of black grip coverings | Domino

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