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Seat step / bump for offroad motorcycles | Blackbird Racing | made in Italy

⚡ Blackbird Racing

Parts listed below should be used on offroad motorcycles.

Offroad seat step | Blackbird Racing

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Our additional step is to be stuck on the seat foam by means of a simple and efficient self-adhesive.
It changes the seat foam shape to give the rider a better control on his bike, mainly during the accelleration.
For a correct fitting it might be necessary to trim off any possible exceeding foam parts, thus adapting it to the various seat shapes.
You can fit it using the original seat cover, too.
It is made our of the same material of our seat foams so it is water-repellent.
An efficient self-adhesive is supplied in the pakage.

Code 4000
Price USD 37.10
Price USD 33.39
Delivery 6-12 days

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Seat bump | Blackbird Racing

Seat bump | Blackbird Racing

Bump kit was born to respond to the new riding style needs: maximum momentum and position on the seat.
Choosing the best height of your bump, you’ll find the landmark of your position on the seat and you’ll be able to give all the body force to the rear wheel, important for the holeshots.
Approved by all the best factory teams in the MXGP.

Code 4001
Price USD 46.05
Price USD 41.45
Delivery 6-12 days

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J. V. | Belgium 15 June 2021

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