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Seat cover TM MX 250 / 4t / ES / ES 2t / FI / KS 2022 - 2023 | made by Blackbird Racing Italy

The parts listed below are for use on TM:
- MX 250 ES 2t of the years 2022 and 2023
- MX 250 FI of the year 2022
- MX 250 FI ES 4t of the year 2023
- MX 250 FI KS of the year 2022.

Pyramid black seat cover | Blackbird Racing

Pyramid black seat cover | Blackbird Racing

Seat cover with new-generation anti-slip effect.
Made of material with excellent grip and rubbery consistency to give to the rider a perfect adherence in all conditions.

Pyramid seat cover has been tested by our race team, demonstrating:
- excellent wear resistance, even when rider uses latest-generation protective knee guards
- maximum grip even in mud and rain
- extremely easy to apply.

Code 1807G
Price USD 82.49
Price USD 72.59
Delivery 8-16 days

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DG3 seat cover | Blackbird Racing

DG3 seat cover | Blackbird Racing

With a new anti-slip section, the hallmarks of the Double Grip 3 seat cover are the innovative high-frequency welded traction strip system and the ultra-resistant, excellent-grip materials.
Raised strips have been specifically studied to allows riders to shift their weight directly onto back wheel.

MX World Championship test riders found it has:
- maximum traction
- excellent shock resistance both in the center and at the sides of the seat.

Code 1807H
Price USD 95.60
Price USD 84.13
Delivery 8-16 days

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Zebra seat cover | Blackbird Racing

Zebra seat cover | Blackbird Racing

Growing power of today's motorbikes requires increasing traction in acceleration.
Designed to meet this need is Zebra.
Thanks to its innovation traction strip system, it allows an optimum motorcycle horsepower control.

Our test riders were especially impressed with the following:
- excellent non-slip performance
- excellent durability.

Code 1807Z
Price USD 107.01
Price USD 94.17
Delivery 8-16 days

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Wanted to thank you guys for all your help making sure I got the package. It supposed to arrive Wednesday but it came today on Monday I opened it up everything looks fine. I took it out of the box and looked it over and it looks good I’ll give you a better update when I install at the next day. But again thank you for all your guises help and staying on top of this.

G. R. | United States of America 2023-10-17

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