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Speed calibrator for motorbikes and scooters (made by I2M - Italy)

Speed calibrator

Speed calibrator

Every standard speedometer has tolerances, wich can introduce also significant spreads in speed shown.
Moreover speed reading is linked to tyre diameter and gear ratio.
After a gear ratio change (after crown wheel or pinion replacements) the speed displayed on the stock speedometer may be very inaccurate.
For example decreasing by 1 front sprocket theeth you can introduce a 7% error.
How to obtain accurate readings, then?
It is not necessary to use a precision instrument, the speed calibrator is sufficient.
The speed calibrator correctly adjusts the signal coming from speed sensor.
Speed calibrator must be connected between speed sensor and speedometer and it corrects real-time speed signal.
Thanks to its small size and weight, it can be fitted in very small spaces.
Internal resin coating renders the system rugged and vibration proof.
Fitting and setup are fast and easy.

- dimension: 58x35x16 mm
- weight: 40 g
- correction range: -32% / +32%
- precision: 0,25%
- double exit available, for use with 5 V e 12 V systems
- polarity inversion protection
- real time correction (no delays)
- operation LED indicator
- antishock internal resin coating
- compatible with all kind of motorbikes with digital speedometer
- quick and easy fitting.

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Price EUR 65.49
Delivery in 6-12 days

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