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Air filters for motorbikes (made by K&N - USA / Sprint Filter - Italy)

K&N air filters

K&N's special material permits more air flow to the engine than stock filters, with no loss of filtration efficiency.
K&N air filters last practically forever.
Air filters come ready to use.
Use the K&N air filter cleaning kit.

Sprint Filter P08 air filters

Innovative Material
Sprint Filter with P08 has misinterpreted the concept of special air filter.
Not more materials that tend to enervate (cotton) or with severe falls pressure (sponge) but an innovative material that allows an air passage constant and calibrated.

Sprint Filter P08 is the filter that provides the best performance on each bike.
The many results on the test bench show that P08 is the best solution in order to get the right amount of air in a constant way.
This is achieved thanks optimising surfaces of any air filter that Sprint Filter operates on every original air box.
It follows the maximum attainable surface: more air, more power, more filtration.

Experienced in race
P08 was born in races.
World Championships MotoGP Moto 3, Superbike, Supersport, Superstock is constantly used.
Still being tested new solutions in search of the maximum of filtration and the minimum power loss.

Single air filter
P08 is an air filter totally different from the others.
There isn't in the World a filter built with patented technology.
A membrane filter consists of a fabric of polyester threads from Ø 5 microns.
Moreover, the filtering surface appears to be double than any other special filter.

No maintenance
P08 is a filter that provides a maintenance practically nothing.
Just remove it from its seat, blow it with compressed air from the motor side out and re-insert it in the airbox.
You do not need washing or treatments for oily retain dust.

Fuel economy
The leaning of the air / fuel mixture allows the control unit mail to readjust the right stoichiometric relationship.
It follows that, for the same performance, the air filter Sprint Filter P08 allows you to consume less fuel.

Harley Davidson
Honda / HM
Moto Guzzi
MV Agusta

Universal conical straight
Universal conical oriented
Universal conical off-axis
K&N air filters
K&N air filters

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- engine oil filters.

For higher efficiency, we recommend that K&N / Sprint Filter air filter kits be installed with the associated Dynojet carburettor kits or Dynojet Power Commander units.
If K&N / Sprint Filter air filters are used on carburettor bikes without the associated Dynojet carburettor kits, jetting must be delayed reset by increasing main jet size by approximately 2 to 4 points to ensure correct engine operation.
On injection bikes, the stock management system usually makes up for everything with no need of intervention.

Sprint Filter air filter
Sprint Filter air filter

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