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Lightening your motorbike by RED Racing Parts

Advices on the following table will help you to take weight off your motorbike.
According to the bike use you will be making, you can weigh up yourself.

ArticleNote Weight
Indicators, rear-view mirrors They can be completely removed. - 3.0
Radiator cooling fan Cooling fan never works if bike is driven on track.
If you drive your bike on road, it could work only at very low running or if you leave engine on and the bike still.
- 1.0
Battery By replacing your stock battery (usual capacity 8 Ah) with one of half capacity (4 Ah), you will gain weight and your bike will start up anyway.
Using the bike on track, you can remove battery (and starter too) completely, connecting a smaller one for supplying electronic parts, like power commanders, instruments, etc.
- 1.5 / 3.0
Handlebars Handlebars and clip-ons. - 0.5 / 1.0
Fairing and mudguards Advantages you will get much depend on the parts you will replace and materials you will use (carbon fiber).
Please consult relevant technical schedules on our site.
- 4.0
Bolts and nuts Most substantial weight decrease (2 / 3 Kg) is obtained by replacing frame and engine bolts with titanium grade 5 bolts and nuts.
Weight reduction of about 0.5 / 1 Kg can be obtained for those bodywork parts where ergal bolts are used.
- 3.5
Final transmission Greatest advantages are obtained with racing final transmission.
Besides weight decrease, you will get greater handiness for gyroscopic effect of rear wheel will considerably reduce.
- 0.7 / 1.0
Exhaust system Termignoni silencers and full exhausts.
Weight decrease much depends on bike and kind of exhaust system you will choose.
So we refer to our technical schedules.
- 1.5 / 7.0

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